Advantages Of Adult Education

Many of us have great plans to do a night course. For example, if you are tired of pitying/sneering from French shopkeeps when you try to buy a baguette on holidays, then you might have a language class in mind. Or you could have a burning urge to learn Photoshop, discover genealogy or knit yourself a natty twinset. However, good intentions often fall by the wayside in the face of the commitments to partners, children and the RT Guide. However, taking a class has many advantages

If we have learned nothing else from Oprah, Ricki and Sally et al, we have learned that it is important to have some ‘me’ time. Time dedicated to you – pint of Bulmers optional. You can get this with a class.

Satisfying your creative urges or learning a new skill allows you to forget about everyday life for a while and concentrate on doing something for yourself. As well as this, you are totally free to choose your own specialist subject – perhaps something you have always longed to do. Who knows what could happen when you take up the paintbrush/calculator/chainsaw for the first time?

Furthering your career is another fine reason for taking a class. The Celtic Tiger may have been put down, but skilled workers are always in demand. Business and industry are developing at a fair ould clip, and workers have to keep up with innovation. If your employer is too mean to pay for your course, then choose a cost effective one, learn the necessary and start looking for other work. Changing career direction entirely is also possible. It is possible to earn certificates, diplomas, degrees and post grad qualifications – all through evening courses.

Of course, the extra advantage to taking a night course is the socialising opportunities it affords. If you are on the lookout for a partner, then judicious enquires to the provider about gender balance in their classes might be pertinent. Don’t assume that just because you pick a class on mechanics/care of kittens that it will be full of lovely men/women and little ol’ you. Gender stereotyping rarely works in these situations and anyway, you will be much better off flirting through a class you actually enjoy.

(In fact, asking questions of the course provider is an essential thing to do before starting a course. This ensures that you pick the course that is right for you – not one that is too difficult or easy.)

If you do decide to take a night class, try not to give up after the first or second lesson. After all, you have paid to sit in this draughty classroom, so make sure you get the most out of it. There is nothing quite like the smugness you get on completion and, no matter what, you are guaranteed a genuine hobby to put down under the Other Interests section of your CV