Balancing A Part Time Job While At University

While in Bristol university, many students find themselves in the predicament of having very little money, but not having time to both study and work. Nearly a third of students feel it is essential to get a part time job while studying. Managing your time efficiently and effectively is a huge priority, as doing too much of one or the other can lead to either a failed degree, or a failed social life, as we all know; lack of money equals a lack in your social life.

Having a part time job whilst in university does cause concern to many, and its argued that students come to university to study and learn, not to make money. However, having a well balanced part time job can provide students with a lot more than just an income. Encouraging them to become more financially independent, learn new experiences, make friends and contacts, and to learn to balance work and play effectively.

Having a part time job comes with huge rewards and benefits.
Obviously, first and foremost you will acquire money, additional to whatever loan, or allowance you may already receive. You also will not have to rely on your parents as much, therefore relieving pressures for both parties.
You will also gain experience, even if not in your chosen field, a part time job will allow you to develop valuable skills which will then be transferable in to your future careers, skills such as team-working, leadership and negotiation.
References from any employees are also great on your CV, and will encourage future employees to give you a chance.

When looking for a job, students should approach flexible and easy going roles that will fit around your schedule well and not interfere with your studies. Working hours will depend on the intensity of your course and other commitments, but the recommended time is to not exceed 15 hours paid work per week. During busy periods in your study, like exams, students should devote all of their time to study, and put any part time job on hold.