More than Mere Memory Foam

Memory foam is a leading material in mattresses because it is comfortable and supports the body. It also has excellent motion isolation properties. That means one person can toss and turn without disturbing the partner sleeping on the other side of the bed. In order to remain competitive, manufacturers continue to improve upon memory foam.


The Tomorrow Sleep bed combines memory foam with a innerspring for added support. It comes in two different levels of firmness and has a cool sleeping surface. This is important because the most common complaint regarding original memory foam mattresses is that they would get too warm during the night.

The Purple Mattress is a combination of foam and hyper-elastic polymer. A unique smart grid helps to distribute body weight evenly and eliminate pressure points. This hybrid is made in America and comes with a one-hundred night sleep trial. Customers can find more information about this mattress online.

Trying Out Memory Foam

Many memory foam manufacturers sell beds and mattresses online. That means there will be no showroom with display beds to test the firmness or comfort of the memory foam. It is unwise to purchase a new type of mattress that has not been experienced personally. The situation can be remedied by finding a furniture store that does have memory foam mattresses to try out. The exact mattress may be a bit different than in-store options, but will definitely give people an idea of feel of foam.

This step is essential when going from a traditional mattress to memory foam. The support will be different and may be an adjustment so trying it first will help with a final decision. Partners will want to try out mattresses together to ensure both people will be comfortable.

Memory Foam Accessories

Pillows, chair cushions, mattress toppers, and wedges are also available in memory foam. Reading in bed is more comfortable with a memory foam wedge behind the back, under the knees, or as an armrest. Pillows support the head and neck in the same manner the bed supports the rest of you. They are a continuation of the comfort and help to align the body in any sleep position.